Against all odds

26 06 2011

A packet of beans from Target, purchased with good intention well over a month ago, made it from the shopping bag to the potting bench, then…nothing…forgotten, lost, misplaced, neglected in the flurry of planting flowers and vines and seedlings and bulbs. Hiding behind tools, plant labels, bottles of plant food and garden tschotskes, under a canopy of thriving Concord grapes, the little white beans began their metamorphosis despite the gardener’s inattention, aided by the sun and rain and genetics. They pushed through the envelope (literally!), sprouting in a tumble of green stems, white roots and brown husks, surrounded by fallen leaves and a sundry of bugs passing through. This morning the ashamed gardener discovered them while she was tidying the potting bench, a task obviously long overdue. Visual evidence that where there is a will, there is a way. Now nestled in various pots and plots, they have found their footing and live to tell the tale.

Gardener 0, Mother Nature 14

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



4 responses

26 06 2011
Dan Schwartz

Cindy, that is a hilarious story and photo!

26 06 2011

Thanks, Dan. I try. 😉

27 06 2011
Tom Robinson

I believe there is a real moral behind this photo, Cindy – maybe if one wants something bad enough, and uses everything available – talents, innate ability, habitat/environment – to the max, it can happen, and often against all odds, too! But, we will never know unless we do give it our max.

I would like permission to use this is my promotional sales newsletter, to provide encouragement to others – giving you credit for photo, of course.

Your other photos in this batch were crystal sharp and beautiful, but it was this one that really caught my attention and stirred my creative juices.


27 06 2011

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the comment. Yes, you can use the photo with a credit. Can you e-mail me a copy so I can see how you incorporated it? (Just out of curiosity!). Glad you liked it!

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