Humor in the garden

29 06 2011

Photographed on a rainy day at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens in Huntsville, Alabama

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



2 responses

29 06 2011

Cindy, did you use a polarizing filter? It (sort of) looks like you did; but it may not have been rotated to the correct axis. Although you can use a circular polarizer, you can still get some odd effects (and lose 2/3 stop).

I like to use a linear polarizer; and compensate for the metering issue with the polarizer — SLR pentaprism metering issue by rotating the polarizer ring until the most light comes through, then freeze the speed & aperture at that value by pressing the AE lock button or switching to manual, rotating the filter to the desired angle for the effect, and then releasing the shutter. [The angle of the polarizer is moot on the film or CCD plane — Only the meter gets fooled.]

30 06 2011

Dan, no I didn’t use a polarizer on this one—so it can’t have been turned the wrong way! 😉

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