The culling process

1 07 2011

When I return from photographing any subject, I immediately delete (or cull) out the images that are out-of-focus, too overexposed or underexposed, and the occasional experimental image that didn’t quite pan out. I’m immediately drawn to specific images—sometimes it might be a great composition, a combination of colors that moves me, or an expression on someone’s face. These are the very first images I prepare for my high resolution stock files and for this blog. Sometimes when I revisit a session, even years later, I will occasionally find an image or two that didn’t get my attention initially but now deserve a second look. Below are just a few that made it out of oblivion to the light of day!

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4 responses

1 07 2011
bill biggers

I’m so glad you go back and go through the previously rejected images. You really do have an enviable talent. 🙂

1 07 2011
Jan (Thanks for today.)

These are all fabulous;-) My camera doesn’t give the high resolution yours does…but you could probably get better shots with it than I do. I have SO many that are similar, that by the time I upload them and look at them, I get overwhelmed, and most of them stay on my computer for weeks or months before I even do anything with them, if I even bother to. I get excited and take lots of photos but really get overwhelmed with the ‘culling’ process and my ideas just fizzle into thin air and then I move on to another project…I need more patience;-)

1 07 2011

In reference to the last image in your post of “The culling process,” that towering spectacle of floral splendor—are you sure you didn’t photograph a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe, then perhaps inadvertently included it in this presentation?

I count 21 images that strongly resemble mature human mammaries on a field of green, each with its own areola centered with a roseate nipple. Or is that a photo of some reptilian brood simultaneously emerging from a large clutch of eggs, a kaleidoscopic clutch similar to that of the octuplet mom?

Or could this be a closeup shot of an alien’s breast, one of many celestial beings sent from some far distant planet to repopulate our earth with a race that will perhaps better appreciate the bounteous life available on earth than its present inhabitants? Huh, huh? Could it be?

Incidentally, that field of green background should garner the appreciation and approbation of our current president and of Al Gore, an almost past president—missed it by that much!

Gorgeous photography, superb images gathered and presented with the emotion and professionalism we have come to expect from your work.

Well done!

I know, I know—I have far too much time on my hands.

1 07 2011

Awesome! Graphic designed flowers.

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