14 07 2011

I was going through my archives to find stock photos for a client and found this photo of Margot that I had overlooked during my initial editing of the session in April 2010. I want to get her and her sister back into the studio for some shooting play time—they both take direction well and are very photogenic.

See more photos from that session in the links below:

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



2 responses

14 07 2011
Barbara Kelley

Hey Margot and I have the same jacket!

15 07 2011

A lovely young lady that has a remarkable resemblance to her mother, as does her sister—that’s Margo’s sister, not her mother’s sister, although Margot’s mother may in fact resemble her mother. That would be Margot’s grandmother—I think—I guess I better close while I’m behind.

Kudos for you on all the classic photos you made of the two girls and their mother, a trio equally lovely in every respect—I have a favorite but I refuse to reveal it—I will take that secret to my You Know What —and Where.

The time is now 12:16 noon and you just informed me that you had mailed the mouse. Thanks for mailing it, and thanks for packaging it so it can breathe en route to south Texas—that was really thoughtful of you.

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