The Orphaned Images Project: Gertrude Kitchens and Olive May

17 07 2011

From the writing on the back of the top postcard, I’m surmising the lovely young woman is Gertrude Kitchen (or Kitchens). It is addressed to Miss Ethel Noland, a woman I wrote about in a previous posting on this blog. There was no address or cancelled stamp, so the postcard was never sent.

The second postcard is addressed to Mrs. Frank Wilson, Idaville, Ind., RR No. 19. It was sent June 27, 1913 at 8:00 a.m. from Lima, Ohio. (Postage was just a penny!) The card reads as follows:

Dear ??? and all: How is this for outdoors picture. Why don’t you write. How are you and (Maud?) and Leonard? — Gertrude

The baby is identified as Olive May, 14 mo. old.



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18 07 2011

Great History…

18 07 2011

I agree with Didex—that’s great history. You will be remiss unless you check out his blog—some great photos of Indonesia, both people and places well worth the visit. I could be wrong, but I believe Indonesia is one of the few place you haven’t visited, and if it isn’t it’s probably on your bucket list.

Nice post—give us more, more, more!

18 07 2011

Hey, that Gertrude is a real doll, and that outfit she’s wearing is a real turn-on. They just don’t dress like that these days—in her day far more was concealed than was revealed—nay, virtually everything was concealed and one’s imagination had to work overtime. Nowadays virtually everything is revealed and virtually nothing is concealed, unless perhaps a few small tatooes are not available for viewing. Oh, for the good old days—not!

Check out that 18-inch waist—as you probably know, some women in those days actually had two lower ribs surgically removed to have that tiny waist, and that was in addition to the undergarment that cinched the waist in tighter.

5 06 2012

Wow, Gertrude is my wife’s Great Grandmother (Grandma Gerdy) and Leonard would be her Son, Olive would be Leonard’s Sister.

6 06 2012

Cindy, any chance you recall where you found these photos? My wife and her Mom both say they’ve seen the photo of Gertrude, I think we have a copy of it floating around the house somewhere, we have a couple photos of olive as a toddler and also at age four.

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