Here comes the sun(flower), do do do do…

19 07 2011

I shot this image at McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area in Montgomery County, Maryland. The sunflowers are shorter (once again) this year (some barely knee high), so it’s a challenge to get shots head on without groveling in the red dirt. The field was buzzing with honey bees, bumblebees, Cabbage White butterflies, cucumber beetles and various other flying critters. Very few of them cooperated for this photographer, though. I was bombarded several times by wayward bumblebees that tried to fly through me to get to a prized sunflower on their radar. Michael and I shared the field with only three other photographers (and a poorly constructed scarecrow that we thought was another person). I used a wide angle lens (atop a tall ladder) to get this shot.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



4 responses

19 07 2011
Betty Londergan

simply glorious!

19 07 2011
Betty Londergan

I used to drive my daughter to camp down at YMCA Camp Tockwogh on the eastern shore of Maryland and pass beautiful fields of sunflowers just like this …your photo brings it all back!!

19 07 2011

What a wonderful composition!!

20 07 2011

A gorgeous photograph, a truly beautiful scene brilliant in every respect, an outstanding depth of field with proper attention paid to the rule of three—I couldn’t have done it any better. It’s Leonard Bernstein, or perhaps Arturo Toscanini, turned to face the audience and bowing ever so slightly to the concert attendees after conducting a series of heavenly arias selected from the works of Handel, Mozart, Beethoven and others. I know, I know—that’s a really big group of musicians, but hey, there must be lots of musicians up there, and the orchestra probably includes some of the great country music guitar and banjo pickers, plunkers and thumpers—up there, almost everyone gets to play, and those that don’t get to play can be found in the audience.

Muy bien hecho, mija!

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