Malachite Butterfly (Siproeta stelenes)

19 07 2011

Photographed at Brookside Gardens’ Wings of Fancy exhibit

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



One response

20 07 2011

Would that I had wings so I could fly high, even higher than I get when I consume a bologna sandwich slathered with real mayonnaise. And almost as important, if I had wings I could spread them so everyone could share in the beauty of my accoutrements, items just as beautiful as they are useful. And before someone challenges my classification of wings as accoutrements, please know that wings are mere appendages, a term synonymous with accoutrements. I am sorely tempted to continue in this synonymous parallelism, but I will quit while I’m behind.

Nice capture and presentation of a gorgeous creature to us for our enjoyment and enlightenment—thanks for the shot and for giving us the opportunity to comment on it.

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