Same time, last year: One shot and he was off!

19 07 2011

I posted this photo last year around this time. Michael and I are headed up to McKee-Beshers in Maryland to photograph the sunflower field this morning (otherwise, this gal would not be up and typing this early! 😉 I hope to capture a slew of new photos—stay tuned for the results.

Originally posted in July 2010

Unlike the Dogbane Beetle, who let me photograph him for almost 15 minutes, I got just one shot of this Cucumber Beetle before he was off to another sunflower. I wish I could have had time to add some ring flash light to add extra sharpness to his body, but the composition draws me in, so I’m giving myself a brownie point for that!

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2 responses

19 07 2011
Jefferson Evans

While lady bug type images can be a bit passe’, this one is quite lovely with wonderful background blur. I hope the shooting this time around is fruitful in a big way.

20 07 2011

He (or she—a casual viewer can’t really tell with insects, regardless of their position) seems to be hanging on for dear life on that slippery slope and would probably have a wild ride if he would just relax his grip. I’m unsure whether insects enjoy such activities, but otters and cats and dogs do, and the bird community features acrobatic pigeons, so why not insects? Huh, huh, why not? Nice shot.

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