A Monarch for a Monarch

20 07 2011

Dear King of Texas,

Your wish for your very own Monarch butterfly has been granted. I had to reach back into my ever-growing archive of Monarch butterflies to find the one most befitting of Your Highness. This was a photograph I took at Brookside Gardens in August 2010. I hope it meets your expectations! (You are advised to put on sunglasses before viewing—that punch of color is over the top, isn’t it?)

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



3 responses

20 07 2011
Tom Robinson

Loved all of your butterfly pics you posted today, and the lone beetle, too. Great camera work, as usual!

20 07 2011
Mary Ellen Ryall

You are right. Put on your sunglasses. Brilliant colors of both butterfly and plant species. This should be a magazine cover for Birds and Bloom or some other such.

21 07 2011

Thanks, and a tip of the royal crown for your promptness. In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that pink is not one of my favorite colors, perhaps because of Senator McCarthy’s crusade against communists and communism during the 1950s, an era in which the colors red and pink were labels placed on communists and communist sympathizers.

The color pink also has other allusions, some ancient but some are relatively recent. The color pink is used in a crusade against cancer for women, and is also involved in various parades in cities such as New York City and San Francisco. The cancer crusade does not contribute to my lack of appreciation for the color pink—the other does. However—and this is an important however—I am striving mightily to understand some of the many social changes that our nation is going through, and I’m certain that some of my beliefs may change, but considering the somewhat truncated amount of time I have to change, I may have to take some with me when I go, unchanged, and unlikely to change after I relocate.

Thanks again for my very own monarch. I can live with and even tolerate—nay, I can even appreciate—its color. Besides, my monarch is not even slightly tinged with pink—it’s just the bloom.

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