Harvest time

21 07 2011

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22 07 2011

Although not horn-shaped, that basket is a veritable cornucopia of produce. Everyone knows or should know that the word cornucopia, or horn of plenty, comes to us from Greek mythology and is based, among other explanations, on the horn that the baby Zeus accidentally broke off while at play with his nursemaid, a goat named Amalthea.

Zeus, the future king of gods and men, gave the broken horn the divine power to provide perpetual nourishment, including produce and other edible items and wealth of one kind or another. Okay, I confess—I found the information on Wikipedia. I didn’t know the word’s origin, and the odds are that you didn’t know it either—so there!

Hey, Holder of the Camera, that’s a memorable shot, a whole bunch of produce and a great ensemble of brilliant colors presented with unmatched clarity, and I like your thring. Is that from one of our trips to Arizona?

With almost certainty I can predict few—nay, none—of your followers will be familiar with the word thring as the name for a thumb ring. I have just created the word and I claim full ownership. The word is constructed by combining the th in thumb with the word ring to produce thring. Incidentally, Thring is a common last name in Great Britain, and I found one Thring in San Antonio, Texas, a professor at the Southwest Research Institute.

My submission to the Patent Office is already in the mail and includes ring names for all five digits of the human hand, names that I have just created. The complete list follows, each name for each hand digit created by me on this date:

The thumb, combination of Th and ring.
The index, or Trigger finger, used to fire a weapon.
The middle finger, or Bird finger, used to flip a Bird.
The Wedding finger, indicating married or engaged.
The Pinkie finger, combination of pinkie and ring.

My submission to the Patent Office is already in the mail. It includes names for all five digits of the human hand that I have just created. I am now working to develop useful names for toe rings, navel rings, lip rings, nipple rings, and rings known to be placed in numerous areas of the human body, most on the outside but some on the inside.

I’m open to suggestions for those, and for each suggestion or multiple suggestions I promise a tip of the kingly crown and a resounding thank you! Incidentally, I have already thought of dring and cring for those stalwart males that feel the need to attract attention in certain situations, none in public venues—except perhaps on nude beaches. I also thought of pring, but that’s already taken by the pinkie finger.

I know, I know—I have far too much time on my hands.

25 07 2011

Thanks for the lengthy, educational comment, King. I’ll have you know you’ve messed me up with the word “ring.” I was typing it out in some other post or comment and I added a “w” to it…it’s all your fault!

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