American Goldfinch

25 07 2011

Finally—my first-ever shot of the elusive, quick-moving American Goldfinch (male), photographed at Green Spring Gardens yesterday morning. My friend Gina saw one of these in her garden yesterday too (perhaps he followed me home?) and thought for sure she had discovered something rare and exotic—much like a sighting of Bigfoot or even rarer, the Dodo bird. She even thought it was perhaps a flyaway pet looking for its home. That is, until she started a web search and learned what it really was. She was so excited doing the research that she is contemplating a career change from flight attendant to ornithologist. This morning her voice had morphed into that of the character Miss Jane Hathaway (the love-starved-pith-helmet-wearing-avid-bird-watching perennial spinster) from The Beverly Hillbillies. (P.S. I advised Gina to not quit her day job.)

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25 07 2011
Jan @ Thanks for today.

Great shot, as always;-)

25 07 2011

Thanks, Jan! I got a few more shots, but it was hard to focus on him quickly. This shot is actually an enlargement of one section of the coneflower mass he was on. I couldn’t get any closer to him without scaring him off, so I had to work with my 105mm at a distance of about six feet. I would love to have gotten closer to him and had it full frame without the cropping. I’m happy with the results anyway. Thanks for the comment!

25 07 2011
Jefferson Evans

The light looks like it must have been pretty overcast. I still remember how frustrating it was being at the place in Maryland with all the sunflowers and seeing the gold finches flying about and landing on the sunflowers, but not being able to get close enough to get a picture.

25 07 2011
Scott Thomas Photography

You are so right. These birds do not sit still for very long. That was some crop from 6 feet. Looks great, Cindy.

25 07 2011

You best be careful getting up that close to birds—your Georgia grandmother would say, “Them things’ll peck your eyes out!” Nice shot.

26 07 2011


26 07 2011
Jefferson Evans

I saw a number of goldfinches flying around today in multiple locations. I think they are as happy for the lower humidity in the D.C. area as the rest of us are.

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