Come hither

19 08 2011

I found this photo in my archives yesterday. Although I had prepared several really nice photos of Karen from this session, I had overlooked this one! I used a Nikon soft filter when I shot it to give it that romantic, glowy effect. I told her that I did not do a lot of retouching on the final image (but I don’t think she believes me—and she should!).

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



2 responses

22 08 2011
Steve Schwartzman

Now that’s nature photography of a kind different from what I’ve seen on your blog so far.

In some of my people pictures, when I process the RAW images in Adobe Camera Raw, I move the Clarity slider into negative territory to get a soft effect similar to the one you’ve achieved here with a Nikon filter.

Steve Schwartzman

22 08 2011

Now that’s a natural woman!

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