Sharing a little link love…

1 08 2011

Sculptor/lighting artist David Wiseman creates some of the most beautiful home accessories I’ve ever seen. Look at his ceiling art here, a beautiful copper fireplace screen here and lovely branch-inspired lighting here. I’m even partial to his whimsical “collage chandelier” with its chain-woven spider web here.

Johnny Swing creates the most amazing furniture out of unexpected materials—glass jars, windshields and my favorite—coins. I love the “Quarter Chair,” made of 1,200 quarters! I would imagine you would want to keep this piece indoors—can’t you just imagine how hot it would get on a scorching summer day? Take a look at the “Nickel Couch,” made of approximately 7,000 nickels!

Corey Frye‘s blog, A French Frye in Paris, will take you on the journey of a 33-year-old New Yorker who married a Parisian girl, then headed for France in early 2010. He prose is witty and lively and the accompanying photos are wonderful. He takes you along on field trips all around the city, sharing history, romance, little-known facts, and funny stories about learning how to speak French with his in-laws and other extended family. I subscribe to his blog and every time he writes, I long to be in Paris!

On the arts & craft front: When I’m on a sewing binge, I frequently check out the new projects on The projects are all relatively easy—a plus when you have multiple hobbies and never enough time to encompass them all. And on the subject of sewing, check out fiber artist Miyuki Sakai‘s amazing work here. She’s not your average illustrator—her drawing medium is thread! Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Country Home, Vogue, Seventeen and other magazines. She shares her secret: a portable straight stitch sewing machine, ordinary cotton blend fabric, extra ordinary sewing thread and magic hands. I’ll say!

And finally, I’d like to build one of these on a tiny bit of land (preferably with a view, or on a lake, or near the water) in each of the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Oregon, Washington state and Texas. I would then fly between each of those states, visiting to photograph each area in the best weather conditions and peak blooming times. I realize that I can’t store thousands of books in one of these (hmmm….but I could build a separate one just to house a library (and gardening tools…and photography equipment…and craft supplies…and…)! Designer Jay Schafer sells plans for houses ranging from 65 square feet (!) to 837 square feet (and some are even portable).