Moss-covered trail (and mosquitos!)

2 09 2011

It certainly looks inviting, doesn’t it? Mary Ellen and I had just stepped onto this walking trail near Spooner when we were ambushed by a huge swarm of mosquitos. And I do mean ambushed. We ran through the woods back to the car, screaming like little girls the entire way. (I still got the shot, of course.)

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



4 responses

2 09 2011

Looks gorgeous and magical!!! I would love to be there!

2 09 2011
Molly C. Corum

SMACK the mosquitos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 09 2011
Mary Ellen Ryall (@happytonics)

Do woodland fairies live here? Some might say they do. I know we were there. Inviting path. Remember, we take the road less traveled (by author Robert Frost).

5 09 2011

I like this photo. It has a quiet mood and beautiful light.
– Anything can happen any moment.
Mosquitos. We have so many here. When you get enough bites they doesn’t itch anymore. Almost 😦

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