Edgar Eggplant waves goodbye to summer…

15 09 2011

Karen bought this “eggplant with an appendage” for me at a local farmer’s market near the lakehouse in Lake Land’Or a few weekends ago. She thought I would be inspired by it and as you can see, I certainly was. Does she know me or what?

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



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15 09 2011

My first impression was of a somewhat tipsy one-flippered penguin with a hangover, probably contemplating the distance to Antarctica. Your purple penguin is probably pining for his pretty princess back home. This is a photo suffused with pathos, an artistic representation evoking pity and compassion.

Well done!

15 09 2011
Mary Royers

Your subject is adorable and simply unique. It got a good giggle out of me in the middle of my university lecture class just now, thanks for that 😛

(also: hooray for Farmer’s Market food!)

16 09 2011

A very unique eggplant in a very unique setting.

17 09 2011
Chloe [Photographer]

love this, nice composition

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