Revisiting Nikon Learn & Explore

17 09 2011

Nikon is still promoting the article/interview/my photos about photographing your garden. If you missed it, check it out here!



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17 09 2011
Coco Rivers

Hey Cindy,

Enjoyed your post and made my fiance ill by parading the article before him lol. He’s the amateur photographer in the house.

I wanted to tell you about the Photo contest for Smithsonian. It may not be your thing but it’s so cool that I thought of you.



18 09 2011
Mary Royers


19 09 2011

Thanks, Coco! And thanks for the link to the Smithsonian contest. I’ll check it out!

19 09 2011

Cindy, there is no one who deserves this kind of recognition more than you! I am so happy for you. I’d say I’m so proud of you but I’ve always been proud of you, your work and your love for photography and flowers. OK, I’ll say it again anyway, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Hope you never get tired of my saying this about you.

20 09 2011

Congratulations once again, 🙂 it is so great to see your work being recognized such a place. I´m excited to see what this will lead to in the future.

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