Re-post: Ah, that September light

19 09 2011

Originally posted September 15, 2010

Every fall, I am sadly aware that there will be less and less flowers blooming for me to capture (and in case you hadn’t noticed, it is a passion for me), but the light is always exquisite when I do find a subject to immortalize in pixels. I was drawn to this Mallow flower mostly because of the light behind it, which with a large aperture, morphed into this dreamy soft background with lovely bursts of chartreuse and the rusty browns that fall brings. I’m sure this flower is in the Mallow/Hibiscus family; I just don’t know what variety it is. The flowers are considerably smaller than a “standard” hibiscus, if that helps. Anyone?

Photographed at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



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19 09 2011
Kee Rhee

Beautiful flowers, Indeed!
Speaking of ‘less and less’ flowers… I would like to let you know that at Longwood Gardens in PA there was a huge competition for Dahlias this past Saturday. Just gorgeous flowers, dahlias!! I am sure the dahlias display would be still there. Don’t miss this event, Cindy.

19 09 2011

Cindy, what a stunning picture!

19 09 2011

Lovely photo!

20 09 2011

This variety of the mallow flower is usually found growing in the wild in low-lying areas susceptible to long-standing waters. Such areas are commonly known as marshes, and the flower’s name is derived from its environment, namely Marshmallow.

I’m very pleased that I was able to contribute to your posting of this flower, and please know that I stand ready to assist you in future identifications.

That’s a beautiful blossom and a fabulous fotograph. Never stop shooting.

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