A necklace for Leslie

2 10 2011

I created this crochet wire and bead necklace for my friend Carmen to give as a gift to her niece, Leslie, who loves horses. Carmen requested horse-related charms to be added and wanted something that could be worn with denim. I’ve got enough pieces I’ve created that do not have homes yet that I’m thinking of opening up an etsy.com store. I also have one necklace completed that I need to mail to my blog friend Chloe in Australia as a house-warming gift. She and her boyfriend Daniel are “nesting” in their first home and I made her a bird nest necklace like the one I made my niece Macie here). I have another crochet wire and bead necklace that I’m finishing up as a gift for my blog friend Birgitte in Denmark. Stay tuned for yet another undertaking—my Etsy store!



3 responses

2 10 2011

I can say that it is very beautiful! Personally I love blue and the blue color which You used, is just to my mind. Horses are really great.

I guess that You could take more ideas from those bead works which my wife has been made.


How to make a beaded bracelet?

Happy beading!

2 10 2011

wow! that looks like it took you awhile to make! talent.

4 10 2011
Chloe [Photographer]

how did so much talent get rolled up into one amazing person? 🙂 you have wowed me once again cindy x

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