Same day, 2008: Spider on Chrysanthemum

20 10 2011

This is one of my all-time favorite spider + flower shots, taken on October 20, 2008, at my favorite local photo haunt—Green Spring Gardens, in Alexandria, VA. With my Nikon D300 and Nikkor 105mm micro lens mounted on a tripod, I shot directly overhead (which puts the flower, spider and top of the bud on the same plane, focus-wise) and fairly wide open aperture-wise (which gives the flower that look of floating because of the out-of-focus background).

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



3 responses

20 10 2011
Barbara Gibson

So beautiful. I am always amazed at your work. God has truly blessed you with a awesome talent.
Look forward to seeing you next weekend
Love ya girlfriend,
Barbara Gibson

20 10 2011
Betty Londergan

wow … seriously, your photos just blow my mind! i always want to look closer at everything after seeing your shots. keep it up!!

22 10 2011

An amazing photo of the battleship Galactica, camouflaged as a giant spider, approaching a space station camouflaged as a flower. I counted some eight landing ports available for landings. The ship is still several thousand miles from its landing site—lots of time is required for the captain to slow the ship down from warp-speed in order to land safely. Then again, the ship may have just blasted off from the station and is picking up speed rather than slowing down—either way it is far away from the space station. I believe the object in the lower right corner is a huge meteor caught in the gravity field of the space station. How in the world did you capture that picture?

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