Thread-leaf Agave

25 10 2011

Originally from Mexico, Thread-leaf Agave (Agave filifera) is an evergreen perennial succulent. The name “filifera” means “carrying threads.” It thrives in dry and hot climates and is drought-tolerant and low maintenance. It prefers full sun to light shade and needs regular watering in summer, but must be kept dry in winter.

Tequila is made from the leaves and rope, food, soap and other products are made from the fibers and pulp (pretty industrious plant, I’d say!). Agave filifera rarely flowers, but when it does, greenish flowers bloom on a 6-foot tall spike. Some can bloom annually, while others only bloom every 30-40 years (As a gardener obsessed, I’ve developed a store of patience—contrary to what my family and friends might say!—but I doubt I’d have the patience to wait for that show!) The flowers turn maroon as they age.

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4 responses

25 10 2011
Betty Londergan

I love these agave plants so much — they just remind me of New Mexico, the aptly named Land of Enchantment. Thanks for the glorious photos!

25 10 2011

That’s what it is! I didn’t know the name of them, but they are all around Santa Fe, NM, and I’ve taken an artsy shot of one. I love these plants! Thanks for this post!

28 10 2011

OK, I’m thinking angel hair pasta with asparagus! Looks yummy.

28 10 2011
Coco Rivers

Great shot! I love all Agaves. I think they are the coolest plants for structure and their presence is so dominating which draws your attention immediately.

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