FAVE: Simply Color Lab

30 11 2011

I ordered my first gallery wrap photo-to-canvas photos from Simply Color Lab a few months ago. They look great and I took full advantage of their as-many-as-you-want 30% off pricing period, too. But what I love most is their customer service (very personalized service and a real person answers the phone when you call—how often do you get that kind of service these days?). I just got an e-mail confirming that my regular printer order had been shipped (and I just ordered them yesterday afternoon!). Here’s the letter:

Dear Simply Color Lab Client:

Your color order has been gently taken through our production process and has reached a state of 99.9% perfection. Our packing specialists have made sure your print is nestled comfortably inside the finest materials money can buy. We said our final goodbyes on 11/29/11.  You can track your order’s adventure with this number xxxxxxxxxx. Please dont tackle the Fed Ex driver when they arrive. You can wait a few extra minutes for them to stop the truck.

Thanks again for choosing Simply Color Lab. We are anticipating the day we do business with you again, so much we cant sit still!

Thank you,
The Simply Color Lab Customer Experience Team

AND TO TOP IT OFF: I just got an e-mail from the founder of Simply Color, Adam Fried. He sent me a link to a video of one of my images making its way through the gallery wrap process. Now how cool is this? This company has a fan for life!



2 responses

1 12 2011

Wow, that is totally cool and rocks! “Made in America” like that with that kind of customer service and attitude? No one in America would be unemployed because everyone wants and would pay for that kind of customer service and quality! What does the finish product look like? Did I missed that in the video?

1 12 2011
Molly C. Corum

That is REAL SERVICE. Yeah don’t attack the Fed Ex driver.!!!!!!! Cannot wait to see the finished project. Or is this my Christmas present ????

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