Eye candy, batch #4

14 12 2011

Sigh…culling through my archives, in preparation for my March/April 2012 exhibit, is making me want to photograph blooms and bugs right now.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



6 responses

15 12 2011
Barbara Sullivan

Wow. These are more like eye jewelry than candy–the precision maybe has some metaphoric parallel with what a diamond cutter does. I want my life to look like these photographs! (Unfortunately, it’s more like your cookie experiment from a few days ago.) 🙂

15 12 2011
Molly C. Corum

Gorgeous !!!! Even if I do not like bugs!!!!!!!!

15 12 2011
Jesse Jaca

Hi Cindy, May I ask what camera gear you use here? thank you

15 12 2011
Betty Londergan

Scrumptious!! Lorez is my fave… what a perfectly lovely shape, in the best color out there!!

16 12 2011
Scott Thomas Photography

Winter has not covered the ugly blah colored grass or all the browns yet. This post is a sight for sore eyes. So colorful…thank you!

19 12 2011

Gorgeous Cindy!!

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