The sky is ablaze and all I have is Michael’s iphone and we’re in an ugly strip mall parking lot.

16 12 2011

Such is life…but it was such a spectacular sky that I simply had to share this image I shot last weekend. And no, the color was not enhanced in Photoshop! We thought about driving back home (just a few miles away), but after I shot this image, the sky started changing quickly and the opportunities waned. Just picture mountains and saquaro cactus silhouetted against this awesome sky. Sometimes ya gotta work with what ya have and shoot where you are.



5 responses

16 12 2011
Barbara Kelley

Some say bloom where you’re planted. Lovely shot.

16 12 2011
Emily Gooch

Beautiful capture, Cindy. I am constantly amazed by the remarkable quality of cell phone photo ability these days. I wouldn’t be surprise if someday, the DSLR becomes obsolete.

16 12 2011
Mike Powell

Wow. Thanks for sharing. Your picture reminds me that beauty surrounds us each day and amazes us whether we are ready or not.

16 12 2011
Scott Thomas Photography

The best camera is the one you have. 🙂 You emphasized the sky so the ugly strip mall is barely noticeable. Well done!

21 12 2011

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