A bird’s eye view of Pixel and Lobo

17 12 2011

Allow me to introduce Pixel and Lobo, the newest additions to our household. They’ve been with us for two months and are now almost seven months old. Pixel is the tabby and Lobo (Spanish for “wolf”) is the silky gray one. Both are boys and very rambunctious.

Our 11-year-old cat, ZenaB, isn’t happy but she’s very curious about them. We lost our beloved Jasper, a tabby who looked a lot like Pixel, a year ago, and we thought maybe ZenaB might benefit from having another cat (or two?) again. After two months, she’s well aware they’re not going anywhere, but that doesn’t stop her from growling continuously at them when we try to put them in the same room. So, in the interest of peace, we are introducing them v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y, a few minutes every day. Pixel and Lobo call the guest room home base but sure do love to run loose on the main level. We wait until ZenaB has decided to go downstairs to my studio and then we let them run loose for awhile. My friends have asked why I, as a photographer obsessed, don’t have more photos of the kittens yet. Have you tried photographing a kitten? These two are too wired to get closeup portraits!

And, as pet people tend to do, we call them almost everything but their given names. I wanted to name them Pixel and Jpeg, but Michael liked Lobo, so I conceded. We also consider Grayscale or Halftone instead of Lobo (both I thought were cute). Pixel, who was scrawnier when we got him, picked up the name “Lil Bit,” and Michael still calls him that. Lobo has been called “Smokey Joe” on numerous occasions. When he looks at you head on, he really does look wolf-like—almost like he belongs on a Twilight poster. I hope to get some more artsy photos of them soon—if they would only sit still long enough.



One response

17 12 2011

I am so partial to solid-gray cats! Smart to introduce them to the established cat very slowly.

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