The Painting Years: Landscape with deer

30 12 2011

This was a 24×36 oil painting that I copied from a small postcard in Lila’s “morgue file.” (I don’t remember the original artist’s name.) I was immediately drawn to it because of all the blues and greens. It was a monumental undertaking because of all the details and all the color mixing. I most certainly didn’t complete this one in two Saturday sessions! I was so tired of it at the end that my father tried to bribe me with money to finish the deer in the background with more details. I had completed the one on the far right and was so exhausted that I just painted brown amorphous shapes in for the others! (Maybe one day I’ll surprise him and finish it. Hmph.) He just told me that this was yet another painting that Lila advised me against attempting. Well, except for not finishing the deer, I showed her, huh?



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30 12 2011
Tom Robinson

I could lend an entry — comment — on each of your painting entries, but this will stand for all. You had amazing artistic talent, and at such a young age. (Myself, I had moderate-to-limited talent, and failed to pursue it further.) It’s no wonder you are able to see and capture images so well now. God has definitely blessed and gifted you in so-many visible and expressible ways, and you’ve so-blessed many with your talent. May 2012 find you continuing to share your work, encourage others and bless God, back, with His gifts in you 🙂

30 12 2011

Hi Tom! Thank you for such a wonderful comment. Thanks for being a regular visitor to my blog—I appreciate it so much. Here’s wishing you a prosperous and Happy New Year as well!

28 07 2012
Pat Calelly

Cindy, my name is Pat Calelly. I am Lila Praters grandson. I preached her funeral when she passed away but my remarks included recognition of her work as an art teacher and artist in her Weslaco, Texas home. My home is decorated with many of her oils and water colors and I have the sign for her studio as well. Both her daughters were artists as well and although my mother has passed away I have some of her work as well as that of her sister Phyllis Fleming who is retired in Kerrville, Texas where she is a nationally recognized water color artist.

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