FAVE: Under the ocean in Fiji

30 01 2012

Thanks to my friend, Jeff, for forwarding this link to me. Turn your sound up, sit back, and marvel! (Then tell me it doesn’t make you want to learn to scuba dive.)



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4 02 2012

In my not-so-humble opinion, donning scuba gear and submerging one’s self in ocean depths is tantamount to placing one’s self on life support. Once upon a time when I was one of America’s heroes (a member of our military), I entered an altitude chamber along with nine other heroes. We donned oxygen masks and subjected our selves to an atmosphere equivalent to 40,000 feet above sea level. Oxygen is required anywhere above 20,000 feet.

At that level our instructor asked for a volunteer to doff the oxygen mask to demonstrate the lack of oxygen at that altitude. Only the lone female among us volunteered. A few seconds after she removed her mask she began to giggle, quite briefly, then passed out. The instructor immediately replaced her mask and she recovered rapidly.

Nope—no scuba diving for me. I’m content to watch others on life support. I wish them well in their efforts, but I believe that had our maker wanted us to exist in ocean depths we would have been born with gills—so there!

Having shared all that negative verbiage, I thank you for posting the video. The footage of a world deep under water is gloriously beautiful—an under-water world, so to speak.

7 01 2013
sam kamiloni

excellent Cindy thanks and keep it up
sam (vitapure@hotmail.com)

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