Garden Muse: A Botanical Portfolio—the time has finally arrived!

1 03 2012

Whew…that was a lot of work! On Monday I had the help with the installation from some very dear friends. Mega thanks to Tom and Holly for loading up their van with nearly all of the pieces (we only had three boxes that wouldn’t fit), taking them over to Green Spring Gardens and unloading all of them before we even got there! Thanks to Cam for flying all the way up from Florida to help art direct, plan and help me get ready. Heartfelt thanks to her, Karen W. and Michael for their work hanging images, cleaning frames, lifting, aligning, cajoling, editing and all-around constant support of whatever adventure I insert myself into. I couldn’t have gotten it all done on Monday without the help of these five amazing people! And thanks to friend and fellow photographer, Jeff Evans, who I often declare is, “solely responsible for both encouraging me to pursue the exhibit as well as my current financial deficit as a result of said exhibit.”

The first four comments in my guest book were written by Cam, Karen and Michael on Monday after the installation was complete. The fifth entry was made by Doug and Kay from Alexandria and it really made my day on Tuesday afternoon when Michael and I drove over to do a bit more tweaking to the exhibit. They wrote:

“Amazing! Incredible close-up focus. Fabulous colors.
My favorite exhibit at Green Spring Gardens to date.”

Does it get any better than that? I think not. And a note to my sister Kelley—Barbara wrote in her comment yesterday that she was tickled by the names of the images. Thank you for helping me name them!

What Cam and I love about the venue is that when you enter the Horticulture Center my exhibit is the first thing that catches your eye (see photo #1 in the collage below). And the way the spotlights are aimed on the ramp, you can see the exhibit as you approach the building before you even open the door! I have my 20×30 gallery wrap canvas images hanging on both side of the trellis panels that span the divider wall before you go down the ramp located behind the wall (photo #2). Everything you see through that divider wall is eye level, but when you ’round the corner (photo #3), you see many more images that are actually near eye level from that vantage point, making it a multi-level presentation. Cam was so instrumental in keeping order within each panel so that even though there are 74 total (yes, we counted!) images on display, there is a sense of order throughout the entire exhibit that keeps it streamlined, believe it or not. The last photo in the collage below shows Cam surveying her art directing handiwork.

On the ramp I have a show poster above the planter pots that contain business cards (photo #5). There are also complimentary postcards, a guest book and a portfolio with a bio, collages of images shot exclusively at Green Spring Gardens, and a section with non-gardening images such as portraits, weddings and magazine covers and features (photo #4). I’ll be adding a visual price index to the back of the book early next week. Although it doesn’t show in the photos below, I now have medium-sized signs placed below each panel with a visual reference to each image within that section (as well as the print name, common flower name, Latin name and price). Since the venue doesn’t allow for anything to be attached directly to the wall, I had to improvise with my pricing labels.

If you’re in the D.C./Northern Virginia area, the show will up for viewing from now until April 29. The reception is Sunday, April 15 from 1-3 p.m. There will be yummy appetizers and refreshments served (with wonderful tablescaping in the works!) and other pieces with be available for purchase during that time. I’ll have matted images (ready to frame), framed images and notecards for sale as well. For more information about the show, visit my show website below:

I’m putting together a slide show set to music to share on and my blog for all of you who are interested in seeing the entire portfolio but can’t make it to the show. Stay tuned! I will also be compiling a list of the great resources (prints, canvas printing, frames, framing accessories, greeting cards, posters, polybags, etc.) and tips that I’ve learned about while preparing for this exhibit.



8 responses

1 03 2012
Jeff Evans

I am proud to have been one of the first people to see the exhibit, to have played a significant role in making it happen, and I had to chuckle that it was also a question from me that had you do a count to confirm how many pieces you had actually displayed. You knocked it out of the park with that show! Knocked it out of the friggin’ park! Busted that park up but good!

2 03 2012
Mary Ellen Ryall

Many hands make the creative journey what it is, a success. I already see one photo I want to purchase for my niece’s wedding. There will be plenty of time to ship it because the wedding is in July.

Beautiful exhibit. I will write up a short article and submit to “Washburn County Register, in Shell Lake, Wisconsin.” It is all about Cindy Dyer, and I am honored to be your friend.

4 03 2012
Barbara Sullivan

How thrilling (and gorgeous)! I’m imagining you might feel something like I do when the journal of my students’ work is published–each piece has a history, and a luminous quality produced by the need to capture it on paper. Seeing it all come together is like a birth–and watching everyone ooh and aah, you forget that just days earlier, you were ready to tear out your hair from the long labor of love such a baby requires. Congratulations, mom!

5 03 2012

What a wonderful comment, Barbara. You took the thoughts out of my head—it was like a birth (even though I haven’t actually had THAT kind of labor!) and I’m immensely and unashamedly proud of my “baby.” And just like your students’ work having a history behind each piece, there is a story behind every photo and I’m surprised that I remember every one of them—where I photographed the image, what time of day, how I was feeling, what drama/crisis/event I was muddling over during my escape to capture that image…it’s all in my head (alongside a ton of other stuff I can’t seem to shake loose!).

9 03 2012
Doyle Creason

I respect your work , regards for all the interesting content .

5 04 2012

Macro photography…my kind of images…I particularly like to photograph floral blooms in my light tent…directly picked from the garden or delivered to my door by friends and family from their gardens. I hope your recent gallery showing is a success. You can visit my digital flower garden when time permits at (website) The best to you now and in the future with your macro photography.

7 04 2012

Thank you for your comment—I’m going to check out your site now!

8 04 2012
Bo Mackison (@bo_mackison)

That is an amazing exhibit, Cindy. How I wish I were in the area, I’d love to see it in person.

What a great comment in the comment book. And how sweet is the business card holder. Everything looks triple A plus, how thrilled you must be! Congratulations–all your hard work makes this a wonderful show.

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