Revisiting “How to grow your garden photography skills”

12 03 2012

It’s (almost) that time again! Time to get out your camera (and your macro lens, if you’re fortunate to have one!) and get out in the garden to start capturing images of early spring flowers. (And if you don’t have a tripod, please get one. As much as you may not like toting one around, they are instrumental in capturing really sharp macro images; trust me on this!)

In my front yard garden, I already have Crocus and Tulips in bloom, and the Hellebores have been blooming since late January (hardy and eager plants, those Hellebores!).

This past fall I was interviewed and featured on the website about photographing gardens. Since the weather is getting warmer every day and early spring flowers are making their appearance in our part of the country, I thought I’d share the article and accompanying photos with you again! Click on the link below:



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16 03 2012
Steve Schwartzman

And there are a slew of native wildflowers in Austin now, even some colonies of them in addition to the strays I’d been seeing since January.

15 07 2012
shoot the face

There are many ways to improve your photography skills. One of these is to showcase your work to many people and learn from people’s comments or criticisms. Why not try to also submit some of your work to a monthly photo contest? Who knows, maybe more people can see and appreciate the work which sounds great, and if you win, that would sound greater!

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