Craft Room: Necklace for Paula

31 03 2012

Last night I showed my friend Paula how to make the crochet wire + bead necklaces that I’ve been creating since last spring. She came up with the idea of crocheting just the center part of the necklace and attaching a chain instead of chain-stitching the rest of the piece. I thought it was a great idea—it would be easier to control the length and the necklace would be less resistant to metal fatigue in the crochet-only areas (plus—less beads, less wire and less time!). I made the simple matching earrings for her. This piece contains beads made of glass, hematite, cracked glass, glass pearls and metal. Paula has lots of experience in wire-wrapping, bead stringing and other jewelry skills so I learn far more from her than she learns from me.

© Cindy Dyer (with assistance from Paula)



7 responses

31 03 2012

Oh, Cindy, that is another lovely way to make the necklace.

31 03 2012
Molly CC

I agree, it is lovely. Beautifully done !!!!!!!

1 04 2012

It’s very pretty! It looks like you’ve got the wire spirals down pat too . . . please teach me how to do them as perfectly as they are in the earrings!

3 04 2012
Love To Crochet

Very very nice. Trying my skills at crochet jewelery. This is exceptional work. Thanks for sharing it with us.

8 04 2012
Wire Brooch

I love this necklace! Very creative! Sue

12 04 2012
Karen Wyatt

Oooh, I am loving this style!!!

15 08 2012

I would love to learn.

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