Composition and Macro Photography Workshop at Green Spring Gardens

3 04 2012

On Sunday afternoon I did a composition and macro mini-workshop (my first ever!) at Green Spring Gardens with more than 30 members of the Northern Virginia Outdoor Portrait Photographers group. I started with a “what’s in my bag” tips and tricks presentation, followed by a tour of my photography exhibit in the Horticulture Center and a great Q&A session (with excellent questions and observations from the members), and then a brief outdoor photo excursion with the group.

Outdoors, I showed them how using a diffuser makes all the difference in getting saturated color in their flower photographs. In the photo below, we used the diffusers and a silver reflector to show how it’s possible to get great shots by harnessing the sun when shooting a human subject, too. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the presentation and look forward to working with the members again in a future portrait or flower photography workshop. Thanks to Rob Bergsohn, the group’s founder, for organizing this event. You have assembled a really a great group of enthusiastic and talented photographers!

Workshop reviews:

“Very informative and excellent opportunity to learn from a masterful artist.” —Tommy Duffy

“Great fun, very nice folks, and Cindy was knowledgeable and fun as well. Her work is amazing.” —Michael Wine

“Cindy was great! She shared just a ton of info and was extremely helpful answering everyone’s questions. The only thing holding this back from a 5 star rating was I would have like to shoot more and had time to get her help/feedback. Her photography is outstanding, if you have never seen it, take the time to view her work, it is truly worth it.” —Doug Stroud, Doug Stroud Photography

“Cindy gave us her all, shared her macro background, walked us thru her exhibit, and then took us outside for a hands on shoot. We each received packet of handouts and info as well! Thank you Cindy and Robin!” —Sally Wood, Sally Wood Photography

“This was such a nice meetup. Thank you Cindy for taking us all out on that fine day. I learned a lot and saw a lot of inspiring work. Thank you!”Dino Tiongco Photography

“Thanks to Cindy for sharing her insights and trade secrets. Her work is amazing and this meet up was a great opportunity to learn first hand from a wonderful person and photographer. Thanks, Robin, for organizing this event.” —Prateek

Photo © Michael Wine



5 responses

3 04 2012

Fun time with fellow photogs, and Cindy was just awesome, so down to earth, shared her tricks of the trade as pertains to macro photography! Thanks Cindy!

4 04 2012
Barbara Garneau Kelley

Love the photo of you in action. Congrats on a great workshop.

4 04 2012

Thanks, Sally and Barbara!

4 04 2012

A great group photo! Who is that cute lady flapping her wings? Does she think she is a butterfly, or what! I’ll wager that she never got off the ground. Is she married? If not, would she like to be married? If so, would she consider abandoning her husband to become the common-law Queen to the King and assist that worthy monarch in raining—oops, I mean reigning—over the great state of Texas? (You know, of course, that incest is legal as long as it’s kept in the family).

All seriousness aside, that’s a nice photo of a tremendously talented and photogenic lady, one whose likeness should appear more in her photographic works—give us more, more, MORE!

17 04 2012
Gardening Birmingham

Well done with the workshop. Sounds like it was a resounding success. I would love to have attended.

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