Re-post: Siberian iris

21 04 2012

Originally posted 4.23.2010

I played with depth of field while photographing this Siberian Iris this morning. I shot more than 30 images of this same flower, and found this one to be my favorite. While the flower is sharp, the background has a very shallow depth of field, making the bloom appear to float—love me some of that bokeh!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



6 responses

21 04 2012
Aquaponic Family

Wow, the flower pops out of the photo. Stunning!

21 04 2012

WOW! Factor at work. Blue Iris is one of my favourite flowers. Well captured!!

21 04 2012


21 04 2012
Amy Clark

Gorgeous hokey on this, and the color combination is lovely.

21 04 2012
Amy Clark

Haha. That was supposed to say bokeh, not hokey. I would love to know how to turn off this stupid autocorrect!

22 04 2012

Amy, I thought you meant “bokeh” and not hokey! Then I thought, “what if they’re calling it something different these days and I’m not up to snuff with the new names?!” We should start a trend—-wow, look at the wonderful hokey in that photo!” (said with an air of superiority and know-it-all-ness) This will leave people around us scratching their heads and questioning how you really pronounce it! 🙂

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