More scenes from a reception for Garden Muse: A Botanical Portfolio

7 05 2012

These lovely photos were shot at my April 15 photography reception at Green Spring Gardens by my friend Karen B.’s eldest daughter, Margot. For the record, Margot and her sister, Hannah, are two of the sweetest, smartest and prettiest young ladies I’ve had the good fortune to watch grow from birth to 20 and 18 years old, respectively. Catering by the Sneeze Guard Heiress, Barbara Kelley of Kelley Hospitality; tablescaping by Karen B. and yours truly. Thanks for the shots, Margot!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



2 responses

7 05 2012

You should thank your lucky stars that I was not there for that buffet. I would have fought off everybody there until I had sampled every one of those goodies featured at Barbara’s fantastic flowery feast, and that’s a fact.

And shortly afterwards I would rolled out and returned to your house for a long nap—that is if I could move the seat back far enough to get my stomach under the wheel.

Hey, please give Margot a shout-out for those astonishing photos. Had I been there with my camera I would have run out and hidden it in the car and then told everyone that I would swear that I forgot and left it in Texas. I would not have competed with you or Margot in taking pitchers, nor will I ever, so there!

7 05 2012
Betty Londergan

EVERYTHING looks so beautiful .. the food, the setting, the arrangements… you are making me VERY hungry!! Wish I could have been there. What a treat!

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