Guest Photographer: Michael Powell

25 05 2012

My friend and neighbor, Michael, has really taken to photography this year and I’ve been working with him “in the field” to teach him macro and garden photography as well as composition. I had him shooting completely manual and with a tripod during his very first session (that’s it—throw Grasshopper into the fire from the start!). It’s been great to have him accompany me to Green Spring Gardens and Meadowlark when our schedules permit. I sometimes catch him in my front yard garden photographing things in bloom (making me feel somewhat guilty that I’m not out doing the same). I’ll be sharing some of his work from time to time. Who knows? Maybe I can convince him to start a photo blog of his very own!

Earlier this week, he shot this wonderful photo of green-eyes-glowing Foxy, my neighbor Eric’s persnickety cat, hiding in the canopy of fig leaves in my backyard garden. Foxy loves sitting on the fence and even burrowing under the flowers in the front yard. She won’t let anyone pet her (save for Eric, of course), and if you get too close to photograph her, she lets you know her displeasure. I think she should be a little bit more hospitable, considering I’ve created this little oasis for her to lounge, don’t you? (Note to Barbara—Foxy most certainly did not inherit the hospitality gene!)

© Michael Powell. All rights reserved.



3 responses

25 05 2012

The green of the eyes and the background…it’s sublime and yet disconcerting. Perhaps it’s the natural fierceness of the predatory feline.

26 05 2012

I’m with burstmode on this one, except that it’s far past disconcerting—it’s plumb damn scary. You may not know this, but I am a cat whisperer and I can often tell what certain cats are thinking. This cat is saying to the observer, “Look if you must, but touch at your own peril and be prepared to accept the consequences!”

As you know, I spent some time in Japan far back in the shrouded mists of the past century and I can contribute a bit of trivia to your posting. Are you aware that the pupils of the eyes of all cats born and bred in Japan are horizontal rather than vertical? Oh, and one more aberration in the land of the rising sun: The elevators, even in their tallest buildings, run sideways instead of up and down—honest!

Kudos to Michael from Tell him to keep both index fingers supple and keep shooting.

27 05 2012
Steve Schwartzman

In a picture-related coincidence, Michael Powell was also the name of a famous 20th-century British film director:

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