Attention HLAA Members! Want to be Seen & Heard?

4 06 2012

Last year I developed a column called “Seen & Heard” for the Hearing Loss Magazine, which I design and produce bimonthly for the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA). This year we’re continuing the efforts to feature more HLAA members in this fun, lively and revealing question-and-answer column. If you’re registered for HLAA Convention 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island, and want to participate, please follow the steps listed below:

1) E-mail me at and I will send you the questionnaire in Word format.

2) You must answer directly in the Word document, then add your name to the filename and return it to me no later than June 15 to be considered. We ask that you take your time—make us laugh, make us cry—reveal yourself, show us what makes you special. And please, don’t make all of your answers just one word—we want to get to know you! The questions are fun and not too personal, so don’t be scared!

3) Once you submit your answers to, I will e-mail you with the date, time and place for your photo session during Convention 2012 in Providence, R.I.

4) Pretend it’s elementary school picture day—wear something colorful that you think will photograph well—we frown upon dull tones, putty colors and “griege.” We love blue, red, purple, orange, yellow, green and even patterns (floral, plaids, etc.) for our Seen & Heard profile photos! And, if you insist, even black and white would work if you’re colorphobic—but we strongly prefer more color for our photos.

5) Stay tuned for possible future publication in the Hearing Loss Magazine or on HLAA’s website at!

I must have your submission by June 15 to be considered for publication in a future issue of the magazine. Answer as many questions as you can (please do not make them all one-word answers, though!), but keep in mind that we will select our favorite answers from each profile to print. This column is aimed to get to know you, your hearing loss, and fun facts about you. We aim to feature 1-2 members per issue, but due to space constraints and the number of participants we had last year (48!), we will begin publishing many of them on the HLAA website—so check the website often for new profiles.

If you have just joined HLAA and haven’t seen our new column, click here to view some sample questions from a previous profile.



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