Michael Schwehr, The Dragonfly Whisperer

13 08 2012

This afternoon I went with my Michael (Schwehr) and our friend and neighbor (the other Michael—my photography student) to photograph flowers and insects. I eventually got separated from the two Michaels and they headed to one of the ponds on the property. Michael (Powell) was photographing this Common Blue Dasher dragonfly on a leaf and when he was done, Michael (Schwehr) put his finger out to see if the dragonfly would hop on it. To his surprise, it did. It flew away a few times and returned to his finger each time! A couple walking by came over to see what the two Michaels were doing and took a photo of the dragonfly. The husband extended his hand to see if the dragonfly would land on him, but it kept coming back to Michael (Schwehr), earning him the nickname “Dragonfly Whisperer” from Michael (Powell), who also shot these images of the whisperer in action. Hey, Cesar has The Dog Whisperer show…reckon there would be any interest in a Dragonfly Whisperer show?

Photos © Michael Q. Powell



2 responses

13 08 2012

Amazing he looks like he is trying to say something.

15 08 2012


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