Keeping time

20 08 2012

Our striped cat, Pixel, is always hungry. Always. A few days ago we caught him staring at the clock in the kitchen. This old clock is just the top portion of a grandfather clock that we found at an antique store in Cape May, NJ years ago. I told Michael that Pixel was just watching the clock in hopes that it would be time for another meal soon. He made his way up our “stair-step” cabinet and the following iPhone photos are the result. Lobo later joined in an attempt to speed up the passing of time.

Hey, maybe I can speed things up if I can move these little handle thingies forward.


Or maybe I can access them from behind?

Dude, I already tried that. It won’t work.



6 responses

20 08 2012

Nice photos, but you need to call in an exterminator. Your cats are trying to find the mouse that ran up the clock, as in That site will show you that the mouse ran up the clock twelve times, but on the last run up he stayed there. He’s probably still inside the clock’s innards.

20 08 2012
Molly C. Corum

Got tears from laughing!!!!!! LOVE THIS !!!!!!!

20 08 2012
Judy Schefcick Martin

So cute! Are you sure you didn’t rub the clock with tuna?

20 08 2012

gosh thats cute, this post bought a smile to my face

26 08 2012

Love this series of pics. Well done my dear. Your newer additions of the family are continuing the wonderful tradition of your cats being great photogenic models, even if Zena B. has both of them beat.

12 09 2012

How sweet!

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