Arrrrrghhh…happy birthday, dad!

19 09 2012

Happy birthday to the best father a girl could have! Not a single day goes by that I do not count my blessings for having the best parents on earth. I realize this photo of me and you is a teeny, tiny bit dated (at least a decade or so ago), but it’s one of my favorite images. Don’t I look like such a happy child?

Best of all, today is “International Talk Like A Pirate Day.” Arrrrrghhh…..

From his throne in south Texas, my dad (aka  The King of Texas], waxes rhapsodic about his family, revisits his childhood (with amazing recall for details), comments on current events (political, celebrity, media and more), and aims to right grammatical wrongs (one visitor at a time) with his occasional lessons on the subject. Check out his archives for some of his essays. Whether you agree or disagree on any particular posting, he welcomes feedback of any kind (but thrives on kudos in particular), so don’t hesitate to comment—he always responds.



4 responses

19 09 2012
Molly C. Corum

Such a sweet picture. Tresusre it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your DAD!!!

19 09 2012
Molly C. Corum

awwww spelling off….. anyway TREASURE THIS PICTURE !!!!!!

20 09 2012
Barbara Garneau Kelley

Happy Birthday King of Texas! Love you too!

20 09 2012
Judy Schefcick Martin

Happy Birthday King with a scary smart daughter.

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