Kathy Mattea at The Birchmere

27 09 2012

Just got back from a really great Kathy Mattea concert at The Birchmere tonight! Thanks again to my friend, Nancy Dunham, we sat in a great spot for me to get shots. Thanks to the lighting crew for spilling a bit more light on stage than they did for the John Hiatt concert last Friday—I was able to shoot at 1600-2000 ISO instead of pushing it to 3200 (plus adding exposure compensation!). I shot with my Nikon D300 and my Nikkor 80-400mm VR lens. Mattea sang many familiar old songs as well as several songs from her newly-released CD, Calling Me Home, about her native Appalachia.

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28 09 2012

Great photos, mija. However, the center shot shows the middle finger of her left hand signifying something radically different than searching for the proper note. I used that gesture many times years ago when I was practicing on my Sears & Roebuck guitar but my finger was not on a string – it was aimed at the guitar. I gave up my dream when my fingertips started to bleed. That was not my only failure over the years, but it was one of the most memorable.

Hey, keep Nancy close. Perhaps you two could become a team of interviewer and photographer and produce videos interviewer/picture-taking team. You could give the entertainer a freebie and peddle the other copies online and make lots of moola.

Oh, and I’ll act as your agent and collect fifty percent – no, make that seventy-percent for me because I’m on a fixed income and I really need the money. I know you aware that as the King of Texas I frequently retire to my counting house to count out my money, and the task requires far less time than in the past. That could be, of course, because of the larger bills and heavier gold bars being deposited.

Give Nancy my greetings and best wishes for me, and tell her that my agent’s fee would be no more and no less than my fee for my assignment as Copy Editor for you and you know who. I think that’s only fair – do you?

4 10 2012

Cindy, great pictures 🙂 I’m the Lighting Director at the Birchmere, Hiatt doesn’t like light in his eyes which is why it was so dim, a lot of artists are like that and I pretty much need to do what makes them happy 🙂

4 10 2012

Hi Dave—nice to meet you! I totally understand that you have to make the artists happy. 🙂 I was happy with the photos despite having to shoot at the high end of the ISO range. Some friends were asking how I got more light with Kathy Mattea than I did with Hiatt, so I explained that the lighting was different! Hey, if you folks at the Birchmere ever need some photo coverage on the cheap, give me a holler!

5 10 2012

I will mention it to The Powers That Be 🙂

7 10 2012
Tom Robinson

Awesome performance shots, Cindy. What a Nikon commercial your shown – just in these, alone!

8 10 2012

Reblogged this on Appalachia and commented:
A true Appalachian artist, not to mention it is awesome she is from good ol’
West Virginia!

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