A labor of love: Celebrate Home Magazine is born!

2 10 2012

The Fall 2012 Celebrate Home Magazine debuts today on the first day of October with the mantra of “making the ordinary extraordinary.”

Published quarterly, Celebrate Home Magazine focuses on family, food, entertaining, gardening, art, crafts, hobbies, personal expression, hospitality, pets, decorating, communities and neighborhoods.

The time has come for a magazine like this—highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things. No matter your budget, your skills or the size of your space, we’ll enthusiastically share experiences of those who nurture the space they call home. Let us inspire you!

I’ve teamed up with the talented and renowned Barbara Kelley, whose editorial expertise has graced Hearing Loss Magazine for more than 20 years. She brings her passion for hospitality and her publishing experience to this brand new publication! We are both passionate about all things home and welcome you to open the door and come on in. We also welcome you to be contributors. This magazine is for you and about you.

Click the link below to download a two-page spread pdf of the magazine:

CelebrateHomeMagFall2012 Spreads

Click the link below to download a pdf designed for single page printing:

CelebrateHomeMagFall2012 Pages

Want to order a print copy of Celebrate Home Magazine? Click here, then sign up for a free magcloud.com account. You can download the FREE pdf or purchase a print copy on this link.



Would you like to be a contributing author or photographer? Please e-mail writing and/or photography samples and links to websites with your work to bkelley@celebratehomemag.com.

Do you have an original recipe you’d like to share? Please e-mail your recipes to bkelley@celebratehomemag.com.

We can come to you! Are you having a party or special event at your home or an activity that relates to the subject of home? Contact us to discuss your idea. If it fits the editorial scope of Celebrate Home Magazine, we may photograph your event and write the story.

Do you have a product or service? If you would like to advertise your product, service, or your city/town/region, contact advertising@celebratehomemag.com.

Check it out and celebrate home with us!



6 responses

2 10 2012
Mike Powell

Congratulations, Cindy. The magazine looks great (and I know how much hard work that represents on your part). I look forward to delving into the individual articles.

2 10 2012
Betty Ferguson

Cindy: Lovely, just lovely. You all did a wonderful job. Are hard copies going to be available?

You asked me a few weeks ago about writing something about home…here’s my submission…will it work? Do you still need a picture of me?

Two years ago we retired and bought a new house along with a house full of new furniture…gone was the mismatched stuff…gone was the beloved recliner chair…gone was a ton of the stuff that 33 years of a life together had amassed. I quickly learned though that the new house and the new furniture did not make a home. I couldn’t sleep one night and got up and wandered around feeling a little like I was staying in a borrowed house. I looked around and nothing was familiar and the sounds and colors were strange. What this house needed was memories! I set about planning a “Blessing of the House” ceremony. I invited all my new friends and church family and soon the house was bursting with laughter and joy. Today I look around and every room has a memory of friends entertained and children and grandchildren loved. Love this house!

2 10 2012

Cindy, I love it! Wow, so impressive and filled with lots of eye candy. I’m letting all my friends know about this magazine!

3 10 2012
Alice Adams

You are amazing. Great Job….. Thanks!

4 10 2012
Scott Thomas Photography

Love the content and layout, Cindy! Very pleasing to the eye and brain.

4 10 2012

Hi Scott! Glad you like it. I’m so happy your images were part of our first issue! Please feel free to share the link so we can get our numbers up (we’re hoping to attract advertising!).

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