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2 10 2012

Below is Barbara’s friend Lucille’s “Pumpkin Roll” recipe. I can attest to its yumminess, having consumed some before, during and after the photo shoot. P.S. Did you know that cats love cream cheese too?

Want the recipe? Click on either of the links below the photo to download a pdf file of the entire magazine. I’ve included two different pdfs—one is a two-page spread view (best viewed online) and the other is a single-page view (better for printing off the recipes on one page). Bon appétit!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Click the link below to download a two-page spread pdf of the magazine:

CelebrateHomeMagFall2012 Spreads

Click the link below to download a pdf designed for single page printing:

CelebrateHomeMagFall2012 Pages

Want to order a print copy of Celebrate Home Magazine? Click here, then sign up for a free account. You can download the FREE pdf or purchase a print copy on this link.




3 responses

2 10 2012

I use to make this for the holidays every year, as I grew older I gave up sweets and fussy baking. Fun to remember, maybe this year, just one or two.

2 10 2012
Barbara Kelley

Hi Gary: believe it or not, this is a pretty easy recipe, although looks very “fussy.” Love your word!

6 10 2012

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