Melanie Poirier: Dish Towel Diva

2 10 2012

Thanks to Melanie Poirier for writing a feature in our inaugural issue of Celebrate Home Magazine! With more than 500 dish towels (and counting!), this avid collector shares her love of this common kitchen object.

Melanie and I spent an entire afternoon setting up her extensive dish towel collection on her back deck for me to photograph for the issue. I came up with the idea of crafting shapes from her towels to reflect the seasons they represent. Her largest collection was of autumn-inspired dish towels, so we crafted a giant quilt.

I asked her if by chance did she had a cherry picker handy, but alas, she did not. Michael set up her Little Giant ladder system and I soon found myself suspended awkwardly over our “quilt” to get the shots! (Lovely Melanie is pictured at left, photographed after our dish towel photo session and I’m below, suspended on the Little Giant)

You can read all about Melanie’s dish towel obsession by clicking the link below to download a pdf designed for two-page spread viewing (best viewing, especially for her feature).

CelebrateHomeMagFall2012 Spreads

Click the link below to download a pdf designed for single-page printing

CelebrateHomeMagFall2012 Pages 

Want to order a print copy of Celebrate Home Magazine? Click here, then sign up for a free account. You can download the FREE pdf or purchase a print copy on this link.

Below: My favorite assemblage is the flower I crafted from her spring-based dish towel collection.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



2 responses

2 10 2012
Pillows A-La-Mode

I LOVE your displays . . . and THANK YOU for the download! Can’t wait to read it all! 🙂

3 10 2012



Okay, you created a flower complete with a blossom with petals and a stem with leaves. That’s equivalent to discovering a heretofore (how about that word!) unknown species. As the discoverer you must now give it a name. Ordinarily that would require an extensive knowledge of Latin, but you only need to select the name in English and convert it to Latin. You might consider this one: flos qui floret culina (flower that blooms in kitchen).

PeeEss: Your dish-towel flower photograph, printed and properly matted and framed, would make a great kitchen decoration (hint, hint, hint!).

PeePeeEss: I was tempted to chastise you for leaning ‘way out, too much far out, from that precarious perch provided by Michael because an nth degree change in weight distribution could have been disastrous, either for you or the camera or both, but I decided not to mention it.

Great shots of the dish-rag quilt and the photographer’s precarious perch in pursuit of a perfect photo. Oh, yeah, and also a great shot of Melanie – great hair, teeth, smile and pose – couldn’t have done better myself!

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