Now THIS is what I need—a super macro zoom lens!

27 11 2012

If I could just get everyone I know plus everyone they know (including my blog followers, family members, friends, colleagues, clients, vendors, childhood friends, high school teachers, patrons of the arts, lottery winners, random strangers, etc.) to invest just $10 each, I’d be on my way to purchase this puppy! Hey, Michael Powell, don’t you think we need this $12,000 lens? (oooh…love the pearly “nature-friendly” olive green color, too!) For the insanely curious, click on the link below the photo to read more about this monster priced-as-much-as-a-used-car lens!–-600mm-super-macro-zoom-lens



3 responses

27 11 2012
Scott Thomas Photography

Hmmm…I show my wife this and the Nikon 400mm f/2.8 doesn’t look so bad. 😉

28 11 2012
Mike Powell

“Need” is a funny thing. For what it’s worth, that’s about the same price as the 800mm Canon 5.5 L series lens (and I read that Nikon is working on an 800mm VR lens too).

28 11 2012

Okay, maybe it’s not really a “need.” Of course not. 😉

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