Colorfuze Blue Diamond Phalaenopsis White Dream ‘V3’

3 03 2013

Plainview Growers in New Jersey produces Colorfuze orchids, which are plants that have been infused with dye. Upon reblooming, the flowers of this orchid will be white. They also produce them in purple and lavender. While I love naturally blue flowers, the verdict is still out for me with this one. It is lovely to photograph, but…what do you think?

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




3 responses

3 03 2013

Ghastly unnatural

3 03 2013
Stephen G. Hipperson

Lovely photographed of something lovely to photograph.
I suppose we photographers have little room to complain when you consider the tricks some of us get up to to give the picture we want to show. 😉

3 03 2013

Artificially infusing a dye into a plant to get a desired result — reminds me of all the trouble this country has gotten into by infusing into both plants and animals with desirable characteristics such as pesticide creating plants — salmon that’s genetically altered to grow twice as fast as normal salmon — cows/hogs feed antibiotics to induce artificial growth/prevent disease to meet growing demands but that upon close inspection have created troubling undesirable effects such as food intolerances ranging from simple allergies to obesity.

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