Family photos: Aunt Lorene

26 04 2013

My dad just shared this striking photo with me. It was posted by a family member on Facebook recently. This lovely model is my Aunt Lorene, one of his three older sisters. She was the last to pass away of his siblings (Larry, Jesse and Dot preceded her in death). In her teen years, she worked in a garment factory. Here, she modeled for a photographer in Eupora, Mississippi. I always thought she was pretty (she had robin’s egg blue eyes with flecks of gold), but hadn’t seen photos of her as a young woman until a few years ago. No wonder she inspired that photographer!

Aunt Lorene



4 responses

26 04 2013
Stephen G. Hipperson

I guess the challenge (should you choose to accept it) is to reproduce the image with a family member of about the same age…. could be an interesting contrast and a tribute to all. 😉

26 04 2013
Molly Corum

BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!

26 04 2013
william lee

Holly smokes, she’s beautiful.

28 04 2013

Strikingly elegant!

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