Rob’s old-fashioned Peonies

15 05 2013

My friend Rob grows the most fragrant and beautiful Peonies in his backyard garden. These heirloom plants have been handed down from his grandfather. Here are three from a bouquet he assembled last week. I just wish I could add a scratch-and-sniff button on this photo for you!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.





4 responses

15 05 2013
Betty Londergan

I’m so jealous! i’ve never had peonies but my grandma always had them and they are such dazzling showstoppers! love your variety!!!

16 05 2013

How beautiful. They remind me of a wedding in spring with the brides maids dressed in soft colors like these.

20 05 2013
anisja rossi

Beautiful !

25 12 2013

These are truly amazing peonies. Keeping the plants producing is such a wonderful way for him to honor his grandfather. Lovely picture and story.

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