Family Reunion: Deanna and Kristen

7 07 2013

Deanna (my first cousin) and her daughter Kristen (my second cousin)

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Kristen Deanna lorez




4 responses

7 07 2013
Betty Londergan

Not to be a nudge, but wouldn’t Kristen be your second cousin once removed?? If Deanna is your second cousin, your children and Kristen (Deanna’s child) would be third cousins. Looks like a fun crowd!!!

7 07 2013

Hmmm…… Deanna is my first cousin (her father is my mother’s younger brother…wouldn’t that make her daughter (Kristen) my second cousin? When do you use “once removed?” Do tell!

7 07 2013

Eek…just realized that I did put she was my second cousin (she’s my first). Her daughter would be my second cousin. Am I getting it right now?

7 07 2013

I did have it wrong—-Deanna is my first cousin!

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