Family Reunion: The whole shebang

7 07 2013
Just spent last weekend with no phone services, no internet connection, no Facebook. I must say—it’s been a breath of fresh air (although it started out as simply frustrating). We all gathered in Broxton, GA for our first big family reunion (mom’s side) since 1995. Deanna doesn’t have Internet connection at her house and AT&T doesn’t service the area AT ALL (it was kind of remote).HUGE thanks to my cousins Deanna and Linda for organizing a WONDERFUL three day event. We all agreed that we a) shouldn’t have waited so long, b) we all turned out pretty good in the end and c) we haven’t laughed so much in years. I served as official family photographer (but of course) and set up a full-sized portrait studio in Deanna’s front room. I shot more than 1600 photographs in less than three days. It will be awhile before I get them all culled, but I’ll share them on this blog as I go along.Nearly 60 people gathered for the big reunion day (Sunday), so I got this shot of the group. I think only a couple of people weren’t in this shot. More photos to come!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.
Big Reunion Photo



2 responses

7 07 2013
Betty Londergan

What a blast!!! Looks like so much fun — and there is NOTHING like getting away from all the communication links that are so distracting. Bravo!!!

7 07 2013

What a great family photo and treasured keepsake to have now. We just came from a funeral of a family member and once again I was reminded of how precious family is and making the priceless effort of getting together often. Our lives go by so quickly, enjoy the gift of one another and family!

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