Celebrate Home Magazine: Summer 2013 issue ready shortly!

17 07 2013

The summer issue of Celebrate Home Magazine will be ready for FREE download shortly on our website, http://www.celebratehomemagazine.com. Marisa Sarto is our cover girl and also a contributing writer and photographer in this issue. Stay tuned for more sneak previews…

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CHM Summer 2013 Cover Blog



2 responses

17 07 2013
Barbara Sullivan

In my ruthless resolve to stick to business, i.e., read only student papers until I no longer have a gigantic pile and commensurate stress-and-guilt, I have deleted every post from every blog that I subscribed to in happier times, when I had the luxury to read something else–but when I saw your new Celebrate Home post in my inbox, I weakened, and clicked, and now I have to take a few extra minutes to try to articulate what it is about your work that grabs me like one of those giant magnets they use to pick up cars (only I am a helpless little hubcap in the road, so I practically leap for the magnet by myself).

It’s so interesting to me how you do that–because, truth be told, I don’t even care about flowers or gardening, or even celebrating home, for that matter! (My home looks like a landfill these days–not much to celebrate; the flowers I occasionally buy and put in the kitchen in an effort to spruce things up are usually in a state of sad decay; and my garden consists of whatever is hardy enough to survive the drought of my attention.) And yet, I absolutely love looking at your photographs!

Okay, maybe it’s because I wish my world looked more like yours (I certainly wish I looked more like your cover girl!)–but I don’t think that’s the main reason. There’s something about the resolution of your images, or their startling crispness or SOMETHING that’s the visual equivalent of a good story told in someone’s real voice, without pretense or ego. I know even less about photography than flowers, so I’m not using those terms as I believe photographers do–the resolution I mean is more metaphorical: it’s as if the images resolve to honor something that matters in a particular moment, and also aim to resolve something ABOUT that moment. What I mean by crispness, I think, is the clarity of your vision that such things DO matter, as does our ability to recognize them.

Thanks for reminding me of that in a medium so different from my own–and yet maybe all kinds of art have that same push inside, whatever it is that propels us to capture that glistening something we love, whether we use a net of words to catch its shape, or a sequence of notes to call it closer, or a camera to save it from the rush of time.

Maybe what we recognize and are drawn to in each other is the ability to love at all.

21 07 2013

Barbara—what an amazing comment. I’ve re-read it several times (does that sound egotistical?). I’m trying to figure out how to make it a blog posting as a tribute to your beautiful writing without making it look like I’m patting myself on the back profusely! 😉 Thank you for your observations of my work and for your beautiful way with words.

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