Globe Artichoke

14 07 2013

The Globe Artichoke (Cynara cardunculus) is a perennial thistle. If the buds or “globes” aren’t harvested, six-inch bluish-purple thistle-like flowers will form. I shot this image at Green Spring Gardens this morning.

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Artichoke Thistle lorez

Re-post: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on ‘Zowie’ Zinnia

14 07 2013

Originally posted July 27, 2010

Overcast and very pleasant day, perfect for a quick (and fruitful) lunchtime shoot at Green Spring Gardens. This is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on a ‘Zowie’ Zinnia.

Note: I was actually trying to get a shot (with the tripod in place) of just the two Zinnias when the Swallowtail landed on one of the flowers. I held my breath and got just two shots before it flew off. I live for moments (and wild color) like this!

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Same time, last year re-post: Mating Monarchs

14 07 2013

Photographed at Brookside Gardens’ Wings of Fancy exhibit; the blue/purple blobs in the background are Plumbago flowers

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Seen & Heard: Barbara Johnson

12 07 2013

Barbara Johnson is one of two Seen & Heard profiles in the July/August 2013 issue of Hearing Loss Magazine, published bimonthly by the Hearing Loss Association of America. I met and photographed Barbara at HLAA’s Convention 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Barbara Johnson S&H


Newton, Massachusetts / Born March 23 in Lowell, Massachusetts

MY HEARING LOSS… I stopped cheating on my hearing tests in the fourth grade. Each year the school nurse gathered us in her office where we’d put on heavy rubber headphones and I would raise my hand when I saw the other kids raising theirs. I finally realized the point of this test and stopped raising my hand unless I actually heard the tone.

Hearing loss runs in my family—four out of my five brothers have serious hearing loss and I am the one sister out of four who has hearing loss. My oldest brother wears two hearing aids. My second brother has bilateral cochlear implants. My fourth and fifth brothers are deaf in one ear.

We didn’t talk about our hearing loss when I was growing up. My loss was essentially untreated until I decided this year, at 51, to get my first cochlear implant. I still have about 30 percent residual hearing in my non-implanted ear.

I’m very new with my cochlear implant, activated March 23, 2012, on my birthday. It’s exciting and challenging.

SAGE ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEWLY-DIAGNOSED WITH HEARING LOSS… Talk about it. Find out what technology can help you, such as hearing aids, assistive listening devices, captioning, CART. Figure out what you need to communicate your best and ask others in your life to help. Seek out others who also have hearing loss. They’re out there and it’s so helpful to connect with someone else who really “gets it.”

WHEN I GREW UP, I WANTED TO BE… a teacher, a ballerina, or a stewardess (yes, that’s what we called flight attendants when I was a kid).

THE HARDEST THING I’VE EVER DONE WAS… get a cochlear implant. It’s a big deal!

MY LITTLE-KNOWN TALENT IS… drinking coffee in the shower.

HOBBIES? dance, photography, foreign language study, backpack travel to far-flung corners of the globe

PETS? Hank the Cairn terrier, who thinks he’s a cat; Scooter the Jack Russell, who would love to eat a cat; Hildie the Aussie shepherd, who is a scaredy-cat; and Anoush, the Shitzu-terrier mix, who just cuddles better than a cat

I DEFINITELY AM NOT… a couch potato!

WORKING NINE TO FIVE… lifeguard, cashier, ice cream scooper, computer programmer, IT project manager

HAPPINESS IS… hanging out with my husband and four dogs.

MY FAVORITE SEASON IS… summer. I love being outside anywhere on the New England coast, especially the Outer Cape.

I AM… optimistic, energetic and fun.

I HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR… home-baked goods.

I HAVE THE UNCANNY ABILITY TO… connect with others no matter who they are and find common ground.


MY THREE FAVORITE POSSESSIONS ARE… my MacBook Air, orange ballet flats and my paid-for car!

IF I RULED THE WORLD… there would be mandatory global travel for all! Get to know the world, people!

MY LONG-TERM GOAL IS… to make peace with my hearing loss. (Right now we’re kind of fighting…)

MY GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IS… being successful in life and love while living with a severe hearing loss.

I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED… as a kind, loving, helpful and positive person who made a difference in someone’s life.

I love reading other peoples’ stories in Hearing Loss Magazine and encourage the publication to reach out to readership on a regular basis for input and ideas.

Seen & Heard: Edward Ogiba

12 07 2013

Edward Ogiba is one of two Seen & Heard profiles in the July/August 2013 issue of Hearing Loss Magazine, published bimonthly by the Hearing Loss Association of America. I met and photographed Ed at HLAA’s Convention 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Edward S&H


Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida / I came flying out on August 4 in New York City in the final year of Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia’s reign.

MY HEARING LOSS… My hearing loss started in the military and progressed until Ménière’s disease left me deaf. Today I am totally grateful for the cochlear implant in one ear and a hearing aid in the other.

SAGE ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEWLY-DIAGNOSED WITH HEARING LOSS… Find the right audiologist and give him or her the feedback they need to help you get the most out of your hearing devices. Join an HLAA chapter. Focus at communication strategies with your family, friends and co-workers so they know how to best help you hear them.

MY FUNNY HEARING LOSS MOMENT… When I got my cochlear implant, my vanity prevented me from wearing it to client meetings. But when I had to facilitate an all-day workshop for a board of 24 people I had no choice. After the meeting, a board member approached me and she said: “I will give you credit as this was the most productive meeting we have had in a long time. But you are the rudest person whom I have ever encountered in a meeting.” I was mortified and said: “I am sorry, madam. What did I do?” She barked: “What did you do? How can you be so inconsiderate to carry on multiple conversations? Not once all day did you have the courtesy to turn off your cell phone.” I checked to confirm my cell phone was off before I realized: “Do you mean this?”pointing to my implant. She gave a disapproving nod, snipping “you must be a phone freak to have one implanted.” I laughed and told her, “This is a cochlear implant that allows me to hear despite my hearing loss.” There was a chuckle from another board member as he apparently had told her it was an implant. She then expressed her embarrassment and apology, but I countered: “You have given me a wonderful gift. If you thought it was a phone, others might too, and regardless you have given me the courage to stop being such a bozo about wearing it.”

WHEN I GREW UP, I WANTED TO BE… the starting second baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY… Ebbets Field at age five. I never saw grass greener.


PETS? Moka. She’s a crazy Russian Bear Hound.

MUSICALLY INCLINED? I play a mean shower. With my hearing aids out, I can actually stand my own singing.

DO YOU SPEAK ANY LANGUAGES OTHER THAN ENGLISH? Mon Français est pathétique, mais le langage est si romantique et la cuisine est si fabuleux. Il ne m’échoue jamais excepté toutes les fois que je suis servi les goûts d’un plateau de cendre sautéed. (Translation: My French is pathetic, but the language is so romantic and the food is so fabulous. It never fails me except when I have used the likes of “ash tray sautéed.”)


I WOULD LOVE TO MEET…Thomas Jefferson, the consummate multi-tasker.

FAVORITE COLOR? I used to say “blue.” But after living in Martha Stewart’s county for 16 years, I have been conditioned to say Araucana Teal or perhaps Aragon Sky.

FIVE PLACES I HAVE LIVED… Long Island, Manhattan, Toronto, Weston (CT), Sarasota

WORKING NINE TO FIVE… an ad or Mad Man in Manhattan, again in Toronto, head of New Products Company in Toronto, again in Connecticut, development director for the Ear Research Foundation.

EVER MEET ANYONE FAMOUS? Prince Phillip, Barbara Streisand, Doris Day, Ricardo Montalbán, Margaret Hamilton, Patricia Neal, Peter Ustinov—some of the few sane moments for me as a Mad Man.

Hearing Loss Magazine always delivers a warm hug of support, the inspiration to do more and the guidance from the legions of superheroes in hearing loss nation to blaze the way. Thank you, HLM.

Blooming in my garden today: Pincushion flower (Scabiosa)

7 07 2013

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Scabiosa lorez

From the archives: Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens

7 07 2013

A sampling of photos taken at Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens over the past few years

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Kenilworth Collage 7232009KenilworthCollage2

Sacred Lotus

7 07 2013

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White Lotus

Lily pads

7 07 2013

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Lily Pads

Sacred Indian Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)

7 07 2013

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Lotus Blossom Closed

Sacred Indian Lotus

7 07 2013

Photographed at Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens this (very, very hot and humid) morning….field trip with both my Michaels, our summer guest Marisa, and new fellow photographer Heather. Did I mention how HOT it was this morning?

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Sacred Lotus lorez

Family Reunion: The whole shebang

7 07 2013
Just spent last weekend with no phone services, no internet connection, no Facebook. I must say—it’s been a breath of fresh air (although it started out as simply frustrating). We all gathered in Broxton, GA for our first big family reunion (mom’s side) since 1995. Deanna doesn’t have Internet connection at her house and AT&T doesn’t service the area AT ALL (it was kind of remote).HUGE thanks to my cousins Deanna and Linda for organizing a WONDERFUL three day event. We all agreed that we a) shouldn’t have waited so long, b) we all turned out pretty good in the end and c) we haven’t laughed so much in years. I served as official family photographer (but of course) and set up a full-sized portrait studio in Deanna’s front room. I shot more than 1600 photographs in less than three days. It will be awhile before I get them all culled, but I’ll share them on this blog as I go along.Nearly 60 people gathered for the big reunion day (Sunday), so I got this shot of the group. I think only a couple of people weren’t in this shot. More photos to come!

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Big Reunion Photo

Family Reunion: Nicole

7 07 2013

Introducing another truly lovely, way funny, and very bright second cousin, Nicole (sister to Brandi). Both are daughters of my first cousin Linda.

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Nicole 1 lorez

Family Reunion: Brandi

7 07 2013

Introducing my truly lovely, way funny, and very bright second cousin, Brandi. Brandi’s grandmother is Evelyn, one of my mother’s four sisters.

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Brandi lorez

Family Reunion: Bill

7 07 2013

This is my first cousin, Bill. His mother is my mother’s oldest sister, Winnie. Bill and I traveled to the southwest many years ago and he’s a great road trip companion. We plan on hitting the road again in the future—it’s been too long!

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Bill Sapp

Family Reunion: Deanna and Kristen

7 07 2013

Deanna (my first cousin) and her daughter Kristen (my second cousin)

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Kristen Deanna lorez

Family Reunion: Dockie and JJ

7 07 2013

Dockie and her daughter, JJ

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Dockie & JJ

Family Reunion: Dockie, Kaci and Tucker

7 07 2013

Dockie is my second cousin, mother to JJ, and grandmother to Kaci and Tucker. My mother and Dockie adored each other.

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Kaci Dockie Tucker

Family Reunion: JJ and David

7 07 2013

Jacki (JJ) and her husband, David; JJ is my third cousin. Her grandmother was my Grandma Wootie’s sister, Jean.

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JJ & husband

Family Reunion: Deanna and Lamar

7 07 2013

Deanna and Lamar are my first cousins (their father is my mother’s younger brother, Charles)

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Deanna and Lamar lorez

For Marisa…

6 07 2013

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Marisa Quote blog

Family Reunion: Kaci and Macie

5 07 2013

Meet my niece, Macie (9), and her newfound 3rd cousin, Kaci (also 9). I just loved watching the kids play at the reunion this past weekend in Broxton, Georgia. They would just run up to each other, exchange a few words (probably their names and “how old are you?”) and then run off together to play. Too bad we make things more complicated as we get older, huh?

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Kaci Maci 1