Fern stamps available in smaller quantities!

29 01 2014

FINALLY! I have info for those of you who want to order SMALLER amounts of my fern stamp series from the USPS.

Call this number: 800-STAMP-24 (wade through the prompts until you get to the point where you can say “OTHER”). You can order the following:

Strip of 25 stamps: $12.25 (order # 790003)

Strip of 100 stamps: $49.00 (order # 790005)

Orders under $50 have a $1.30 shipping/handling fee.
Orders over $50 have a $1.85 shipping/handling fee.

First day cancels/covers aren’t available yet (from what the agent told me).

The agent will set you up with a free account and will mail a copy of their free Philatelic catalog as well!

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 5.58.36 PM



4 responses

1 02 2014

Fabulous I will call USPS on Monday. Also, I am taking photography class at Fitchburg Art Museum and will share your news there this morning. Hip, hip, hurrah!

7 02 2014

Nice Work ! I would like to be alerted to when first day covers are released

7 02 2014
7 02 2014

just ordered mine too

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